We only specialize in headshots.  At It Factor Headshots, our philosophy is that this is YOUR shoot and we are excited to collaborate with you!  Our photographers have worked in casting offices with major A-list casting directors, so we know the do's and don'ts of headshots.  We know all of the myths and trends of headshot photography and what the top casting directors are looking for in a fantastic headshot!


At It Factor Headshots, our philosophy is that this is YOUR shoot and we are excited to collaborate with you!  We have fun and we have real conversations about what is important to you and what your goals are so that we can help you get the shots that show your personality and attributes that make you YOU. 


We shoot outdoors, using natural light.  At the beginning of your shoot, you and your photographer will have a chat to find out more about you:) During your session, you guys will stop from time-to-time to review some of your shots.  We treat our session with you as a collaboration, so let us know how you feel about your angles and expressions. photography actor headshots portrait photographer


323.305.4347  |  ItFactorHeadshots@gmail.com   |  www.ItFactorheadshots.com


323.305.4347  |  ItFactorHeadshots@gmail.com   |  www.ItFactorheadshots.com

Let Us Capture Your It Factor


The fee for your headshot session is $250.  A 20% down payment is due prior to your session. An invoice will be sent to you in the amount of $50 and the remaining balance will be $200. The $200 balance is payable at the end of session to the photographer, in cash, please. 

Included in your headshot session are the following: 
*Up to 3 Different Looks
*2 Retouched Images w/Name & Border
*Online Portfolio of All of Your Images
*48-hour Business Days Turnaround on re-touching (On your first image selection)


Where can I learn more about It Factor Headshot?
Check out our website at www.ItFactorHeadshot.com where you can view our portfolio, see what our IFH leading actors are up to and discover rates and details to book your It Factor Headshot session!

Where do you guys shoot?
We shoot in New York City and Los Angeles!  In New York City, we shoot in the Midtown area or Downtown areas.  In Los Angeles, we shoot in the North Hollywood or Sherman Oaks areas. Please call or text us at (323) 305-4347 or email us at itfactorheadshots@gmail.com or scroll down to our Contact Form to find out our availability in your city!

What kind of lighting do you use?
We shoot outdoors using natural light.  Natural light brings out the best in an individual’s complexion.

Does the $250 session price include makeup?
No.  If you wish, you can do your own makeup.  Most actors prefer to do their own makeup because they want their photos to reflect their normal, everyday appearance.  If you decide to have your makeup professionally done, it should be something natural that you can replicate on your own when you have to go in for an audition.  We can recommend a few makeup artists who will also stay with you during your shoot.  You would need to discuss makeup specifics and pricing with each makeup artist.

What kind of clothing changes should I bring?
Bring 2-3 different tops.  We prefer bright colors.  Patterns are okay.  The top should just be flattering and reflect your personality.  Ladies, if you decide on a top with spaghetti straps or tank, please wear a strapless bra. Learn more about what to expect on your shoot day at http://itfactorheadshot.com/p/rates.

How soon can I schedule a shoot?
Scroll down to our BOOK A SESSION page to select the date and time that works best for you! Text/call us at (323) 305-4347 or email us at ItFactorHeadshot@gmail.com.  We can often schedule a shoot with one week of your call.  We shoot on weekends and weekdays between 8am and 4pm.

When can I receive my photos from my shoot?
Within 48 hours of your shoot, you will be sent a private link to view your photos online.  You can view the photos and take your time to decide which photos you would like to reproduce.  At no additional cost to you, we'll lightly retouch up to two images of your choice.  We’ll also send you each retouched headshot finished with your name and border - also at no additional charge.  

What if I am unhappy with my session?
If you are unhappy with your session, we will be happy to do a reshoot with you.  Please let us know within 3 days of your original shoot.  We will then reschedule a reshoot at no additional cost to you.

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